Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As I promised, here are the pics for version C & D. Trust me, version D is love~ ^^

The albums were inside this little box. I'm still keeping since it comes in handy :D

TA-DAA!! From left: Version C & D

Inside version C

Inside version D

30 magic cards (Jaejoongie in a lion suit is so fregging adorable XD)


Business was really good today. This time, we were more organised so no mistakes in orders were made. Kudos to everyone of us! ^^ Hmm, maybe it was the early afternoon rain that brought more customers in. I should start performing rituals to ask for more rain XD. Haha. Anyways, rainy days are expected towards the end of the year cuz it's now the monsoon season. Weird thing is...the northeast monsoon season only happens in north-eastern part of peninsular Malaysia. Perhaps it's the after effects of strong winds blowing across the Banjaran Titiwangsa. So, all we get is heavy downpour every day. Am I boring y'all with all my geographical knowledge? Opps, sorry -_-"

I've read several comments regarding the VACATION drama. There were both positive & negative feedbacks on the storyline. It seems not many fans favour Episode 1: Cassiopeia. Talking about irony, that episode is supposed to connect the most with the fans but sadly, it failed. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with Yunho's one. Not to say his acting ain't good but the story was bland. If only there were more character development. One whole episode was put to waste *sighs*. The best one, imho is Episode 2: Beautiful Life. Follow by Episode 3: The Way U Are & Episode 4: Eternal.

Jaejoong's episode could've been the top in my list if his was given a more elaborate ending. The fact that he just walked away after getting beaten up badly in front of a hospital. In fact, he should have a broken bone or two considering those gangsters hit with sticks. How can he stand up & walk?? Yeah, he was limping but still...o_O. And the ending for Eternal was pretty confusing. He travelled back in time to rescue his childhood sweetheart who supposedly died 8 years ago. But the rescue mission was done in a DREAM. Whereas one scene showed his childhood sweetheart was alive & waiting for him. He didn't meet her cuz he thought it was a dream, after all. I have to admit, Yoochun acts really well. The conclusion...I still think this theatrical drama is awesome despite the minor weaknesses. Could've been even better if the story is given more elaboration to prolong the show. The banjuns scripts were much better. I guess the MV & trailer gave too many spoilers *sighs*.

It was a good move to take my bath immediately after arriving home. I was like a walking onion just now XD. Whereas yesterday, my body smelled fishy with credits to tuna fishes. Anyways, I'm more like an onion every day -_-". I'm signing off for now. Will be back later with pics of "O"-正.反.合. repackaged albums. Tata~ ^_~