Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For the first time in my life, I went for a blood test. It's for the sake of checking whether my body has Hepatitis B antibody. Hepatitis B surface Antibodies (HBsAb), so to speak. Why the sudden random blood test? Well, just because Mum went for a full blood test a couple of weeks ago & decided to make me do the same. Of course, it's only for that hepatitis thingy. So, off I went to LifeCare which is just next to the cafe I work in. One of Mum's friends works there & I guess that explains it all.

Knowing my paranoia for needles, I thought the experience would turn out to be awful. Haha. But everything was fine. Silly me! It felt like getting an injection. I yelped a little when the needle was being pulled out but it wasn't that bad after all. Since I had no idea about my blood group, the admin lady gave the blood group test for free. Very nice of her ^^.

Results came out few hours later. The conclusion is...I have the antibodies! Yay for that~ ^^ I get to save up RM100++ instead of paying for the jab. And my blood group is O positive. All this while, I knew that blood O flows in my body but didn't expect my rhesus is a positive. Oh well...*shrugs*