Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm back from hiatus mode ^^. Haven't been updating the blog lately to keep you all updated. Sorry folks! I have been in a dilemma lately cuz I have a feeling that I've been swindled for the first time. I'm pretty reluctant to reveal it but I guess I should let go a little bit this time. I'm afraid my family might find out this bit of news. So, all you people out there who's reading this...just keep this to yourselves.

You know, I was worried sick for the past 2 weeks cuz I haven't got any news from the girl who's supposed to send Dong Bang's goods to me. Even now, I'm still anxious. I was pretty sure that she cheated my money since she was away for a month (instead of within 2 weeks). Just only yesterday I found out that she's also selling stuff under a different nickname in KPop Kingdom forum. Apparently she's an official member too (as in member of a fanclub or some sort). And guess what...she had a successful transaction with one buyer. Maybe there are more but none of them posted it in that thread, mentioning about the goods received. So happen this member posted a message informing the goods' arrival.

I was pretty relieved after reading that. Maybe that seller's long absence is due to family matters. Yeah, she's supposed to attend a funeral in Indonesia. She did mention about her hiatus in that forum but not in wflforums. Can't blame her cuz wflforums was down for weeks. Lucky thing she sent a text message asking me about it. I guess everything makes sense now. I think I can relax a bit & wait till she returns. Meanwhile, I won't let down my guards as she definitely owes an explantion for her prolong stay/absence. C'mon, she's keeping a large sum of my money.

Ok, lets forget about that. The goods news is...I went to PC Fair today, bought an external hard disk (finally!) & a Bluetooth USB device. Initially, I had plans to go with Dad. Sadly, there was a last minute change in plans so he couldn't go. I went with Mum & sis instead. I wanted Dad to go so badly cuz we're supposed to browse for laptops. He intended to buy for me. Since he didn't follow so I was quite disappointed. Now that I have additional hard disk space, I don't see getting a laptop necessary. I don't wanna pressure Dad to get me a brand new one. Though my PC is getting old day by day (it's already 4 yrs old...), it's still workable. Hopefully I'll get my very own laptop when the PC dies for real. Hey, hey...touch wood! Hush~

Btw, I've tried holding the Panasonic Lumix camera. My dream camera, mind you. It's lovely!! *spazzz* The O.I.S. really works wonders though the camera is not as slim as Olympus' new model. Oh yeah, I love that Olympus too XD. I'm going camera crazy again, sorry -_-". Too bad anyways...cuz I won't be getting a camera so soon. Ahhh~ Curse the thief for stealing my baby T.T.

A new phone is what I need at the moment or maybe soon. My phone is showing signs of illness & needs some repair. I found the repair costs around RM100++. Again, I'm reluctant to pay for that. Yeah, blame me all you want. I bet you all will tell me to ditch the idea of stocking up on Dong Bang stuff & repair that God damned phone. The repair cost is pretty expensive...might as well get a new phone, don't you think? But the prob comes when I don't have sufficient cash to fund the purchase. I don't mind sticking to the old phone. Let it die a slow death. I can't do anything about it since I already took great care of it.

Alrite. Enough of ramblings for today. There's work tomorrow so bye for now. *jumps to bed & start snoring*