Saturday, December 23, 2006

After some serious pondering, perhaps I shouldn't rush into getting a laptop. The thing the lappie so necessary that I have to get one? The lappie definitely comes in handy as I can carry it around & work at anywhere, anytime. But on the other hand, I'll most likely use it more for word processing, powerpoint presentations & some other simple applications that do not require a powerful machine. My good ol' desktop is more than sufficent, to be honest. It's just that my PC seriously needs to be formatted so that it works fine.

What made me changed my mind all of a sudden? Oh well, it started like this. I came across this ad about notebook promotions in conjunction with the year-end sale. The Compaq model which I've been eyeing all this while is sold only at RM3999. A difference of RM200 from the retail price quoted by HP's site. Plus other freebies such as Santa hamper & free petrol vouchers for early customers. This promotion is really worthwhile & I thought that I should inform Dad when he comes back from work.

Just a while ago I mentioned to him about the promotion. He showed some interest & agreed that it's a great bargain. Upon telling him that the sale is held at Low Yat Plaza, he was hesitant about taking me there. He even asked if I really want it right away. I felt bad when he asked like that & quickly told him we don't need to hurry. By the look of his face, I could tell that he's pretty reluctant. Dad is not earning much so I guess I deserve some spanking for indirectly pestering persuading him to buy a lappie. It's not right now, I told myself that I shouldn't have asked for one in the first place. Stupid me! -_-"

I did mentioned about needing a lappie in front of my grandparents. They must've told Dad about it, I reckoned. Dad will buy one for me when I voiced out about needing it when the time comes. Felt really guilty now T.T. Hmm, I should start forgetting about this. It's not like I'm getting a lappie anytime soon. Or even buying one at all...relax~ *sighs* It's a false hope, after all.

And what the hell is wrong with being a Chinese & not knowing any Mandarin? It's embarrassing but I can't do anything, can I? Stupid customer jokingly said about wanting to scold my parents for failing to teach me Mandarin. It's not funny, puh-lease! This is plain intimidating & INSULTING~ Yeah, I can't take jokes when it comes to personal matters. Too bad I lost the chance to verbally attack him. I'm not like him...I give due respect cuz he's a loyal customer. The guy should learn to shut up when necessary. Not all jokes turn out funny even if you don't mean it...