Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yummy~ ^^ I was eating toasted bread with butter & cheese 45 mins ago. Just felt like eating something to fill up my stomach XD. It's 1.23am now. Time for bed so nite nite ppl.


Politicians never learn, do they? Just because they make a stupid remark & gets bashed by all parties, they merely apologise for the misunderstanding - expecting the public to forgive them. The RM500 fine had been altered to apply to Muslim women only. Honestly, I feel sorry for these women. It's pretty obvious that the new law imposed is more of an anti-feminism. Gender equality can never be achieve if such rule exist. Women are being controlled over petty stuff...gosh! I really dunno what else to say cuz this issue frustrates me a lot.

One customer asked for my name today. Initially I was pretty reluctant to reveal my name but I gave it anyway. Apparently the Chinese dude wanted to know my name & so his Indian friend asked on behalf of him. I know I was a little unfriendly there but I'm not here to socialise. My job is to be courteous & serve your orders. Sorry but I find this kinda annoying at times. Unless I know you & would like to introduce me to someone, it's not okay to randomly ask my name for the sake of knowing me while I'm busy with work. I'm serious about my work.

Another customer got me irritated as well. Everyone in the cafe was annoyed, not just me. He seriously need to take up lessons on phone etiquette. Now I understand why Jen gets irked by people with such rude manners. You don't yell on the phone in the public/enclosed area no matter how enraged you are. In fact, you're disturbing other people when peace is what they need most in the hustle bustle of the city. He was yelling to the guy on the line (Celcom cuz I overheard it -_-") for doing a sluggish job. I can't help but listened to his ramblings cuz he made everyone focus on him. How am I supposed to NOT listen, right? *sighs*

And why am I always so unlucky ne? T.T That girl is supposed to send my Dong Bang goods this week but she ended up returning them to her buddy in Japan. Why? Cuz there is slight damage with the goods & she didn't wanna sell bad quality goods to me. That's very thoughtful of her but this means waiting for another week. *sighs* If there is a small scratch, I can tolerate it. I can't stand the delays. *sobs* Hopefully, everything would be fine soon by Christmas. Sorry for the endless the rants...I'm just not so happy today.