Sunday, December 10, 2006

I didn't expect Compaq's new range of Presario notebooks look damn good O_O. I happened to come across it while I was browsing for laptops with Dad at Digital Mall. The salesman in the first shop we visited was introducing one of the Presario's lower specification (specs) models. At first, I wasn't keen on looking at it cuz the specs is pretty low. But I have to admit that the design is absolutely gorgeous & feels solid too. Since the specs are not sufficient to support Vista, I moved on to another shop. Compaq wasn't in my most wanted list of notebook in the first place. Just thought their notebooks are rather pricey for specs lower compared to Acer.

When I entered the next shop, I immediately walked to the section where Acer notebooks are displayed. The one I was planning to buy that Dad will most likely buy for me is the Aspire 5584WXMi at the price of RM3888. After taking a closer look at it, it looks cheap...just like the price too. It seems Acer decides to use some crappy material for the black frame around the display to keep the cost low. I was pretty disappointed by that.

Along came the Compaq Presario V3166AU, a brand new model powered by AMD Turion 64 x2 which caught our attention. Priced at RM3299, the specs are pretty okay with good graphics card. My only qualms is the fact that it's AMD. And the RAM is only 512MB. I'm worried the chip might overheat & cause problems after continuous usage. The Intel version only provides Intel GMA 950. Sad...T.T

Dad & I thought the Compaq lappy looks pretty good but it might not worth the value we pay for. It's kinda pricey for the specs slightly lower compared to Acer's. An almost equal comparison for the Compaq with Acer is priced higher. In a way, Compaq is still more expensive. Perhaps due to its brand name & plus point...stunning design XD.

*sighs* Oh well. I'm not in a hurry to get one yet as I'm still in the midst contemplating between the two. Dad told me to take my time before I make my final decision. He just told me he prefers Compaq's overall builtup. Specs wise, he's not bothered about it cuz I'm the one using it. Heard that Acer's after-sales service is crappy too. I dunno why many forumers said so but will try to find out soon.