Monday, December 25, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Sorry for the rather late greeting cuz I was out the whole day. And guess what? I pierced my ears today~ XD Yup, finally. My left ear is hurting a little now. I dunno why but I hope water didn't get into it. This time, I applied oil as a precaution to prevent my piercings from getting wet & eventually get infected. In 3 weeks, I guess I can remove the studs & start wearing different earrings in no time. *claps*

Btw, I didn't mentioned about last night's incident. I got bitten by my own dog when I was about to do laundry. My dog was sitting facing the back door of the kitchen when I walked out. He bit me for no reason. Lucky thing there was no bleeding but his fang left a small cut & bruise. The thing is...I got confused whether the bruise was caused by him or it was me who hit the gates while trying to escape. But the small cut was definitely the dog's fault. I was in the midst of panic & fear so don't expect me to remember what exactly happened. I didn't tell Dad about the bruise since I wasn't 100% positive that it was bitten. And didn't want Dad to hit the dog just because I had a small cut.

Even if the dog did it, I'll remain silent. Besides, I feel heartbroken when Dad hits that dog. I understand that German shepards turn insane when they reach a certain age. Perhaps my dog is undergoing the transition. So, hopefully no one gets seriously injured in the process. I'm just worried that family visitors become victims unknowingly. So anyone of you who're planning a visit to my house, just be more cautious. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep my dog under control.

I've been told that my Dong Bang concert goods will be sent this Wednesday. Lets hope that girl keeps her promise since she had another valid reason for not sending them. The goods came back from Japan again but unfortunately, her father passed away that day. The mournings indeed prevented her from shipping the goods out. *sighs* I'm just puzzled why I'm so unlucky. She failed to send the goods as there's always incidents -_-". She's smsed me using her lost phone number recently, which is weird. Unless DiGi has an option which allow its users to recover their lost number. Hmm maybe...God, pls make her send the goods quick. I'm tired of waiting already -_-".