Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I can't stop spazzing right now. Cuz I just received a package from my friend in Japan today. *squee* It's the 東方神起 Heart, Mind and Soul concert merchandise that I made my friend bid in Yahoo! Japan auction. Till now I still couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package. For the first time in my life...I managed to get hold of a singer's concert goods direct from Japan. I thought I'll never have the chance since no one whom I knew actually attends a Japanese concert. This is a dream come true~ *tears of happiness*

And yes, the item I bought is indeed expensive but it's worth every cent. Take a look at it & you'll know what I mean...

Mind you, this one wasn't sent by the girl in wflforums. I'm still waiting for the my orders which has the same phone strap & a T-shirt. Haven't received anything from her yet therefore, I'm extremely disappointed with the way she handles things. But oh well, as long as she sends it & not cheat my RM195. Besides, amaru-chan is still waiting for her photobook so I'm not the only victim. I know who I can trust now. My ex-schoolmate...duh! Part of me still believes that Sabrina will keep her promise. She's just an inefficient seller, that's all. Hopefully my instincts are right. *prays*

Before I go to bed (it's really late here...XD), I wanna spam this post with some pics. Okay...not really a spam but only pics of the Korean earrings that Mum bought. More reasons to get pierced asap. Too bad I won't be able to wear them soon. Perhaps 2 months after the piercings is sufficient to prevent the holes from closing.

Aren't these pretty? ^^

This is random. I didn't realise that I'm quite a Korean addict all this while. Not because of the Dong Bangs. You see, I used to play the ever-addictive Ragnarok Online. I'm obsessed with Korean instant noodles & my phone is a Korean brand which sounds alien to majority of my friends. I was using a Samsung 15" CRT monitor before I switched back to the old 17" Genius monitor cuz that Korean-made died for good. What made me decide to ride on the hallyu only now & not before? I was in denial about my love for Korean, I supposed XD. Conclusion: I'm still & will most likely stay obsessed to anything Japanese or Korean.