Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There was no water supply during late afternoon. I thought it would be back later in the evening & so I went to sleep instead. It turned out that the problem still persists, even until now -_-". I ended up taking my bath in cold water. It was pretty difficult at first cuz I'm not used to cold shower. But it turned out fine ^^. I mean, I don't wanna catch a cold as it was already after 8pm. Taking a shower using cold water at night is bad for the bones, you know? You'll understand when you grow old.

Anyways, the girl whom I ordered Dong Bang concert merchandise has finally returned from her Indonesia trip. I managed to get hold of her on the phone yesterday & she was really sorry for her long absence. Duh! Of course anyone would be dead worried if the seller is keeping your money & goods not sent. My goods from Japan arrived her house so she'll be sending the package by this week. Hopefully...if she doesn't keep her promise, I'll start bugging her again. On reasons why she didn't sms me when she returned cuz her phone ran out of credit. Nevermind, I forgive her for that. Lets hope she didn't post to the wrong address. I'm 100% sure that I gave her the correct address. I gave the address twice, just to be sure that she jots down the accurately.

A while ago, I received this perfume which came together with my package from YesAsia. It was nicely wrapped & didn't open it until last week. Little did I expect that the perfume has a sweet fragrant. I would describe the scent as sweet, flower-ish & medium-strong. Much stronger than Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It's called the Love Passport a bloom by a Japanese company called Fits. Hmm, it does smell pretty similar to the Ralph one though. Piccies below...

Don't expect the bottle to be sophisticated. It's just a sample

Did I mention that I ordered Yunho's look-alike earrings? I guess I left out this bit of news. I did post up the pic in previous post. November 20, if I'm not mistaken. You can say that I'm getting my ears pierced again soon. Don't be surprised about my initial thought of getting clip-ons due to the past experience of ear infection. Unfortunately, our great Malaysia doesn't have any beautiful ready-to-wear clip-ons. Since Mum & sis will be going to Singapore, I made sis to hunt down some for me. Meanwhile, I get my ears pierced first. Would love to have clip-ons or piercings similar to the Dong Bangs XD. Something like the one below...

It's pretty similar to Yoochun's... XD

Btw, my Bluetooth device looks like this...

Not too bad, huh? XD

This Bluetooth thingy costs RM15 only, believe it or not. Made in China, I pressume. Hmm...should be. The box tells it all. It still works though the drivers installation was quite tedious. Signal is a bit lower than I expected. Who cares as long as it works fine, right? Can't expect much from a cheapo gadget. I already started spamming Mum's phone with Dong Bang songs XD.

Credits (earrings pic): Asmama