Sunday, December 24, 2006

My clock shows 1.57am, Dec 24. It's the time of the year again~ Time to dig out my huge Santa hat & put it on XD. But sadly, I'm not going anywhere this Christmas' Eve. Am I the only hopeless one who has nowhere to go but get stuck at home? *sighs* Such a pity, ne~ And I ain't getting more Christmas pressies cuz my family doesn't celebrate in the first place. Yeah, I got the earrings from Mum & sis. Is that counted as a gift for Christmas? Think so -_-".

Basically, it's not about the presents that keeps bothering me. I felt left-out for not being able to be part of this jolly-good-fun Christmas. Even my sis had invitations to her friend's church party -_-". Lets see...maybe getting stuck at home is not exactly a bad idea. I still have my Dong Bang cracks to keep me entertained, right? *nods* Yup, I shall stop complaining-lah. Tee-hee :D.

Since I couldn't drag myself to sleep, cam-whoring taking pics is the remedy to my ultimate boredom. Due to my camera phone's limitation, this is the result of my doodling session...

Boo-hoo! This is lame...

As usual, the Dong Bangs is always trying to rip money from fans like me. First, it was the multiple versions of 3rd album. Next is the limited edition calendars which comes in hanging, desktop or pocket size (I didn't buy, though). Btw, who actually buys calendars?? Pretty waste of money. Okay, apparently their Rising Sun concert DVD is expected to release on Dec 28. God, pls kill me now!! That is the DVD that I hunger for ever since I entered the Dong Bang world. I thought the boys might slow down so that I can cash in on their Japanese albums. I missed their Heart, Mind and Soul album & concert DVD. What's more, I had plans to buy their piano collection book. It's so tempting T.T.

Not to forget w-inds. THANKS concert DVD which was released few days ago. Which means I have to put w-inds. on hold cuz that DVD costs my entire fortune a bomb. And then the Dong Bangs teamed up with VERITE to design silver accessories to lure fans to get them. The only thing which caught my attention is the cross earrings. Cross earrings ROCKS! Well, it does accentuate Jaejoong's style. Makes me wonder whether the earrings is his creation. Priced at 4900yen, I thought the earrings is too pricey. As usual, it's a collector's item & hence the hefty price tag. Silver 925 could be the reason for the high price too. Is it worth buying??

See that cross earrings? Nice, isn't it?