Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The pervy customer dropped by the cafe today. This time, he ordered breakfast when it was already past 11.30am (breakfast hour is over). I told him politely but he still insisted it just because he hadn't taken breakfast yet. Geez...he said in a such a way as if he's trying hard to impress me with his oh-so-not-funny jokes. Lame!

The most disgusting part was when I asked him, "Encik nak apa?". He answered, "Saya nak awak..." Ewww!!! What the hell was that for?? *pukes* That was totally gross~ Okay, I had enough talking about him. Imagining him makes me squirm in disgust. *shakes head*

There are several Indonesian workers living in the house behind mine. I supposed someone bought the bungalow & decided to renovate it. Yesterday, this annoying worker climbed up & stood on our wall to pluck rambutans from our tree. He had been plucking the fruits since Monday but we couldn't bothered cuz the tree grew over the wall. But he got greedy & continued plucking more. The funny thing is...that dude almost fell off the wall. I was praying hard he would fall cuz my dog will be ready to pounce on him anytime soon. He deserves it, ya know. Stupid fool!

Have you ever heard of imposing RM500 fines on women with indecent attire?? Well, the Kelantan Menteri Besar is planning to enforce such law to restrict women from wearing improper clothing. According to him, this is effective to reduce the number of rape cases. Lets rephrase & put it this strip off women's decision making rights & well-deserved respect. Women do not need to be told about what not to wear. So what if women are fully covered like a ninja? Do they help to prevent men from being sexually provoked? Look in the papers & you find men do get aroused by old grannies to the extend of harrassing them. Think about this. Grandmas don't dress sexy.

It's time the Menteri Besar should stop blaming women but men themselves for being immoral & not able to control their strong sexual desires. Look who's immoral now. Women or men? You decide the verdict when a woman/girl - 9 years old, wears tudung or a granny etc. - gets raped by a man.