Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mum & sis are back from Singapore today. And they got me a little Christmas pressie too ^^. They knew that I love earrings & bought a pair which looks so pretty. I haven't gone for piercings yet (which I will soon...) so Mum & sis asked the salesgirl to custom make the earrings into clip-ons. They're sweet, aren't they? I can't stop spazzing right now XD. Finally, I can put on some jewellery on my ears before I get the real piercings done. Such a long wait, ne~ Here it pressie from Singapore.

Shiny thingy under the box...


Trust me, clip-ons look exactly like real piercings on your ears. I've tried it & totally loving it. The best part is it doesn't hurt at all as the tension is adjustable. Haven't seen any clip-ons in Malaysia yet. Let me know if there are any beautiful ones. Not that I know of so far.

Mum also bought lots of earrings imported from Korea & omg...those are LOVE!! Sadly, all those needs ears to be pierced. Yup, I'm so eager to get my ears pierced again. You know what, I couldn't believe my eyes when sis showed me those gorgeous items. They look almost similar to those in Asmama. *spazzzzz* Mum said she planned to give some to her friends but I immediately said NO. We're taking them all, I told her XD. She could've bought more cuz it's dirt cheap but too bad...she didn't expect I would love these earrings more than ever. Who cares if she can't wear them all cuz I'm getting my piercings done. I'm so gonna wear & flaunt them proudly in uni. I know I'm perasan here...forgive me -_-".

Then, along came a package from Singapore (yup, that's right!) which made spazz all over again. Why? Oh God, my Yunho earrings are right my hands now XD.

Cross earrings RULES! XD

All thanks to ace-chan for the great handiwork...

Courtesy of Toy-Box

Oh yes! Before I forget, w-inds. is gonna release a new single sometime in January. Finally~ After a long hiatus, they're back in full force (I hope). I heard the radio ripped & it's pretty okay. Need some time for the song to grow on me. It's a pity that they're doing covers again. I expected more originals from them cuz they're lacking originality lately. If it's for the sake of releasing a single, I'm truly disappointed. I hope not...