Monday, November 20, 2006

I just found another pic of Yunho's earrings look-alike. I want this!!! *spazzz*

Credits: crazypangi@in:com, soompi forums


*PHEW* What an exhausting day! Business was exceptionally good today. Too good thatl all of us got messed up with the orders. At first, we had 13 delivery orders for sandwiches & drinks. That was pretty much to handle & we ran out of ingredients. Boss had to go for grocery shopping while I helped out to garnish the salad. It was pretty fun at first cuz I don't normally get involved with the cooking process. Got to learn something new today ^^.

But then, people started coming in & that's when we couldn't serve even simple food in time. I felt so helpless since I couldn't lend a hand in preparing food. And I forgot to distribute forks/knives/spoons to the customers after their food were served XD. Another embarassing mistake & lesson learnt for the day. There were 2 mat sallehs who ordered so many sandwiches & drinks that I almost got confused again. They can really eat THAT much o_O. Reminds of the first time I ordered sandwiches in a cafe back in LA. The women there can gobble up food twice the size my dad can take in. *gasps*

Yesss! I already opened my package & tested the DVDs too. VACATION is awesome. The mood & set of the dramas do feel quite cinematic. I had no qualms while watching it cuz the boys can act well. It's a pity the runtime is only approximately 25 mins per episode. Another problem is the absence of English subtitles. I'm so desperate for them though I sorta know what's going on with the story. Episode 4: The Way U Are is the most interesting of all. A little predictable towards the end...hmm, I think I've got potential to be a scripwriter XD. I've got the ability to speculate the next part of the story, y'know. Lol...alrite, alrite. I watched too many dramas, that's why.

How I wish my piercings were still there. Those earrings worn by the Dong Bangs are so pretty which gave me the urge to get my ears pierced again. Back then, it was w-inds. that influenced me to get it done despite feeling all scared & paranoid about needles, intense pain, bla bla bla...and now, the Dong Bangs are driving me nuts about earrings again XD. I'm dying to get earrings like Yunho's. Something like this...

Or something like this...

Hmm...I wonder where I can get these lovely items.

Credits:, ace_chan@LJ