Wednesday, November 01, 2006

%#&@!! Why did I screw up the one & only exam paper I have for the short semester? Grrr!! Okay, I didn't exactly busted the entire paper but I failed to give a conclusion for the argumentative essay. Sucks, isn't it? I have poor time management so such things are expected to happen. Oh well, it's over. Nothing can be done about it. I hope I won't end up failing the paper. Do you think I will? *shrugs* Whatever it is, time to do happy stuff~ ^^

I just couldn't resist making screencaps to capture the hilarious moments of the MBC Golden Fishery. How can be so lazy in my previous post? *smacks head* Anyways, the drama cut story is pretty simple. It started off with this popular girl wanted to date either one of the two university male students who are also popular among girls. The problem is these two dudes are freakily obsessed with dramas. They fancy klutzy girls with pathethic fashion sense, or so the TV drama said. Even worse, they start mimicking drama scenes in their real lives. Here's how it goes...


[A girl named Candy walked in to Jaejoong & Yoochun's dance club studio. Apparently, the club is looking for new members.]

She fits the criteria of a klutzy girl with bad fashion sense. And she's picking her nose XD.

They saw her & couldn't believe their eyes.
Jaejoong+Yoochun: CANDY AHH!!

[To test out whether Candy resembles those female characters in TV dramas, both guys decided to talk to her. Jaejoong makes the move.]

Jaejoong: Move away! I'm gonna chat up with the gal.
Ju Hyeon: Eh?! Noooo... T.T

[Candy's response has proven that she's similar to those drama girls. With that, Jaejoong & Yoochun rejoiced!]

Jaejoong+Yoochun: WE FINALLY FOUND HER!!

[And so the two of them compete to see who dates Candy first...]

From Full House drama
Jaejoong forces Candy to see his body by appearing topless but blames her for peeping. *notice the white suit guy who's supposed to be the Censorship Man*
Candy: AHHHH!!!
Jaejoong: Hey! What you looking at???
Mosaic Man: Phew! Managed to cover up his nipples chest in time.

[At that moment, Yoochun appeared & got furious. He grabbed her hand & started yelling at her.]

From Lovers in Paris drama
Yoochun: Why the hell you keep quiet?? You know he's a pervert, flashing his skinny body in front of you. You could've just give him a punch on his face...#@&$%!! *his lines are really long -_-"*
Candy: He came in topless, it was too late to do anything. He was threatening me to sing 3 bears song. Besides, his body looks good...*sheepish*

Yoochun: In that case, I'll show you mine as well.
Jaejoong: BWUH?!
Candy: Not again?!
Mosaic Man: Ahhhh! Too late...he's EXPOSED~

[Next day, Yoochun takes Candy out for a dinner date at a restaurant.]

They were about to kiss...

Candy slaps the waiter for interupting.

[The kitchen in the restaurant caught fire. Everyone evacuates except Candy. Yoochun came back, hands the bill to Candy & runs away. Jaejoong came to her rescue.]

Jaejoong: I'll save you from danger. Forget that useless idiot!

*Candy's head knocks the pillar down*

*Jaejoong couldn't contain his laughter. He's sniggering... XD*

[Jaejoong brings Candy to a place & confesses his feelings.]

Jaejoong forces a kiss on Candy but she resists

Mosaic Man: Kissing scenes need to be censored. Sadly, he gets a slap from Candy *rofl*.

And a kick as well. *rofl*

Poor Jaejoong also got a slap from his beloved Candy.

[After all the confessions, Jae finally managed to capture Candy's heart. She's touched by Jaejoong's sincerity.]

While Jae & Candy are hugging, Mosaic Man is contemplating whether to block the scene or not.

From Winter Sonata drama
Anyways...he performs a song specially for Candy.

[Yoochun arrives & got furious again. He tells Jaejoong to buzz off & stay away from his girl.]

The two buddies end up in a serious fight all because of Candy.

To be continued...