Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here's the report on my job for the 2nd & 3rd day. I'm starting to get the jist on how to be a good waitress. As business picked up on Tuesday, my efficiency skills was put to the test. Surprisingly, business on the 2nd day was unusually good despite the lack of variety in the menu. I guess customers really love the juices. Mum was jokingly saying that I'm indirectly attracting customers to the cafe to boost the business. Haha!

Things got a little chaotic during lunch break. Nevertheless, all of us managed to pull through the mess. When the crowd subsided, I had to help wipe the dishes dry. Nearly dropped one plate on the floor but I caught hold of it just in time *sweats*. I'll never put myself at risk of paycut again. And that plate was bought from Ikea. In fact, 90% of the shop is Ikea-furnished/equipped. That plate alone would probably cost more than a take-away chicken rice at a hawker stall.

Work ended at 3pm but that didn't mean I'm heading straight home. Cuzzie bro had some problems with his left ear so I had to accompany him to consult a ear specialist. There's one clinic at Section 14 which I'm sure will solve his issue. Staying in Section 14 makes everything so convenient ^^. Apparently, the earwax in cuzzie bro's ear was too stubborn & needed more time for it to soften with specially formulated solution. He had to see the doctor again on Saturday. Sad~ It was almost 5pm when consultation was over. Had to ditch my plan to visit Digital Mall for portable hard disk drive scouting trip XD & return home instead.

Third day of work...hmm. Business was good but not as busy like on Tuesday. At least it was still better than Monday. I tell ya, the cafe was really quiet that day. It made me wonder how the lady boss can survive if this kind of situation persist. The funny thing was I served the food to the wrong table. Again, it was an embarrassing moment. This is the inexperience side of me. As for today, I managed to wipe all the dishes dry before I left for home. What an achievement, eh? Hehe *grins*.

What the heck?! "O"-正.反.合. album version C & D are already available for pre-order!! Noooo~ I want them~ I'm surprised that these 2 versions are cheaper than version A & B. Here are the links to the album details.

Version C

Version D

*sighs* Temptation is getting the better of me. YesAsia is offering a double deal price for purchase of both versions at USD27.99. I'm sooo getting them...*spazzzz* Oh my, there goes my money T.T *money flying away*