Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I met a quirky customer today. Btw, he's Indian & totally weird. So weird that it annoys me a lot. First, he came to order tuna egg sandwich; insisting on having 3 pieces of bread. The first two slices were packed together while the last one was separated. How pathetic! This is a waste of sandwich wrappers & stickers. Those things are expensive, you know. What's more, he was so "busybody" to tell us to fill up the coffee pot with more water while boiling it(the coffee pot was placed near the tables). Geez...just because the pot was 1/4 filled with water -_-". Hello?! It was already after breakfast hour. Who bothers to boil more water when nobody's gonna order coffee? And who drinks coffee for lunch, neways? Only him...I presume.

My boss told me that he ocassionally drops by just to exchange cash for bigger notes. Sometimes she refused to do so cuz she needed those notes. Guess how he reacts? He sulked & walked off. *rolls eyes* I wonder what's wrong with him.

I finally received the long-awaited pics taken during my 2-day job at PWTC. It's funny that I only managed to get it few days ago. The pics were in my friend's camera & that gadget belongs to her mum. Apparently, the USB cable is in her mum's office. My friend was supposed to remind her mum to bring it home but my dear friend keeps on forgetting. And I was told by my friend to keep on pestering her so that she could remind her mother. But my forgetful-ness got the better of me. That explains the long wait. *sweats* It's getting a little confusing here. Anyways, here's how I look in a 3-piece suit. Not too bad, eh? That suit cost me a bomb, okay. You better appreciate the pics & start rewarding me praises XD. Lol, joking~ Oh yeah, a million thanks to Jen!

This is me! ^^ (The girl next to my counter is Esther)

This is me again...(with a clearer shot)

Finally, the last shot with me & Jen looking tired out. It's already late in the evening.

I was surprised that Sony Malaysia has been so generous on their promotional expenses. A full colour 97-pages catalogue was distributed to every home. I tell ya, the pics in the catalogue are shiny~ Every product in it is so gorgeous that it makes you wanna have them so badly. But the price tag is hefty T.T. Who wouldn't wanna own a Sony, rite?

Ahh, the Dong Bangs have changed their hairstyles again. From what I can see, they going back to old skool. Pretty similar to their debut image. They dyed their hair in honey brown (my fav colour ^^) except Junsu. So far, they're not revealing much about their new image. All I can say is...I love their new hairstyles. They must be preparing to film the next MV. I pity the boys...SM, better stop tormenting the boys or I'll summon the Hell Girl pushing the boys to their limits.

To my dear friend, Enya. If you happened to be reading this, I'm truly sorry for not replying your mail. The waitress job gets me tired easily -_-". All the best for SPM! もっとがんばってね~