Saturday, November 18, 2006

I totally forgot all about someone's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYOHEI!


I have good & bad news. The good news package came this morning! *spazzzz* It came earlier than I expected. The estimated arrival date should be around next week or so. Anyways, this time YesAsia wrapped the orders in a nice cubic box. I thought they would send in a foamed envelope like they usually do. Hmm, I haven't got to open it yet. I'm leaving it till later cuz at least there's something to cheer my up.

Why? The bad news is...I almost killed my own keyboard. I intended to clean my Internet keyboard this afternoon so I started unscrewing it. Upon removing the cover, I found out that it's quite difficult to remove the keys for some serious cleaning. The only way to do it is by using a screwdriver & take it out, one by one. To my horror, the rubber pieces underneath the black panel which holds the keys started falling off & got trapped in between. Every rubber piece went out of position. And so I tried taking out the black panel but I ended up breaking it -_-". Moreover, I accidentally tore the soft sensors underneath the panel. The keyboard is definitely spoilt, I told myself.

Finally, I managed to assemble all the pieces back together & tested it. Guess what, the keyboard worked miraculously! Thank God~ The only problem is some keys are stuck. It seems the rubber piece was out of position again. *sighs* A fully-functional keyboard ends up getting spoilt thanks to me T.T. I'm using my good ol' IBM keyboard right now. Couldn't stand fixing the keyboard again. I'm leaving it for tomorrow. Spending 5 hours on that thing really drained me out. Hopefully the fixing works well. Wish me luck. ^^