061027 MBC Golden Fishery feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun (Part 2)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

061027 MBC Golden Fishery feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun


[Recap from previous chapter...]

Jaejoong & Yoochun got into a fight because of Candy.

As usual, these two guys can never tell the difference between real & reel life. * shakes head*

[The battle got really serious & out of hand...]
Jaejoong stabbed Yoochun...Yoochun lost!

Candy: NOOO!! T.T
Yoochun: *dies*
Jaejoong: ... *mourns*

[Candy loves Yoochun more than Jaejoong. Feeling upset & disappointed, Jaejoong walked off. Btw, the battle was a fake after all. Yoochun was faking death to make his act more dramatic -_-".]
And so Yoochun & Candy lock lips. Meanwhile...
Mosaic Man: Explicit content. Parental advisory is required.

Mosaic Man gets smacked for interfering the intimate moments. XD

[On the other hand, Jaejoong ponders the meaning of life at the dance studio.]
Jaejoong: I feel so lonely. I'm such a loser.

[Ju Hyeon came into the room to console poor Jaejoong.]
Ju Hyeon: Don't worry, Jae oppa. I'll be the one who will heal your broken heart.

Jaejoong: Dad~ *hiccups*
Ju Hyeon: Eh?? I'm not your father. This is Ju Hyeon. Your soulmate...
Jaejoong: Hmmph, Dad. I dunno why. But I just can't take my mind off her. Oh, my Candy~ *sings*
Ju Hyeon: What?! Oh God...

[Feeling more depressed than ever, Ju Hyeon stomped out of the room leaving Jaejoong behind.]
[The next day. All of a sudden, a guy who looks like Lee Junki stopped by the common room. Both Jaejoong & Yoochun were stunned.]
Kang Junki: I'm Kang Junki. Heard that club is recruiting new members & I'm interested.
Jaejoong: Ju-un...ki?! What a beauty!
Yoochun: *gasps*

[Kang Junki breaks into a song, serenading the two guys who are already deeply swooned by his feminine looks.]
Yoochun joins in the signature Junki dance.

Jaejoong is touched by the beautiful rendition of Junki's song.

[The rest of the group have no idea what is going on.]
Ju Hyeon is going bonkers.
Ju Hyeon: OMG!! I can't stand this madness!!

Candy: Hey, guys! Hold on a sec. What is exactly going on here??
Yoochun: The time has come for a change. Gone are the days where kingkas in dramas go for dorky girls like you.
Candy: Huh??

[Ahhh...so these guys are also secretly obsessed with restricted dramas ---> guy-guy romance.]
Jaejoong: Can I call you my "baby"?
Kang Junki: Aww... *blushes*

Jaejoong: Here, have some crackers.
Kang Junki: It's delicious~
Yoochun: Gah! I'm so in love that my heart hurts. I need you, Junki!

[The conclusion...?]
*ROFL* It's just a parody, anyways. What were you thinking, eh? XD


Ed's note: Thank you for spending some time to read this little crap of mine. The Junki guy in the screencaps is actually Kang Ho Dong. He is impersonating the famous pretty-boy actor, Lee Junki whose fame catapulted after starring in My Girl drama. Kingka means popular guys in Korean. Oppa refers to a female addressing/acknowledging a male who is older than her.