Chill out

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It was my first night out with my colleagues on a Friday night. Sanctuary was the hangout place for the night as they wished to finish up the remaining Hennessy bottle that they signed up for months back. So, I've decided to accept their invitation out of gratitude for them being so nice to me. We had dinner at this Thai restaurant called Sutra which is situated at The Curve. Much to my oblivion, I have the faintest idea that this mall is the "in" place to be on every Friday night. There's so much life & music at the outdoors. In addition, a bazaar is on each night (I think) to satisfy the needs of budget-conscious shopaholics. Guess I should go out more & absorb the night air.

As we all know, it's the jolly season again. Yup, that time of the year. Without doubt, malls are decorated with their most extravagant Christmas decorations to date. And The Curve is definitely not missing out. I took a snapshot of the famous nightwalk cuz it was so dazzling. It's a pity that I left the camera at home. This is the best I could get out my miserable 2mp camera phone.

Food was not too bad though Thai cuisine is not particularly my preference. On the other hand, Sanctuary was good. The DJ played good music too, imho. What's more, it gets better & better after each song. Much better than Club Quattro. I didn't drink much - only 2 glasses of dilluted Hennessy with lots of Coke & ice. This is how an alcohol intolerant person would consume his/her pint. Even so, my eyes were reddening despite only taking merely 2 glasses. It's a good thing that my colleagues aren't being pushy about these things & that gave me opportunity to escape from being drunk. All I did was danced wee bit & groove to the sounds.

I left the club at 11pm. Not the right time to leave as the night is still young. People are starting to swarm into clubs & party the night away. But what can I do. I have a curfew & family's calling. After all, I'm not the kind who likes to stay out too late. Midnight is still fine but 1am...nope, I don't think so. It was fun nevertheless ^^.