Girl meets vampire

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I was pretty excited when I heard about the movie Twilight coming to the silver screen. Reason being the trailer looks promising (typical...) & it's gonna be another saga adapted from the bestselling books. Part of the excitement probably came from the press as I found that the good, clean-cut hottie who played Cedric Diggory in two Potter movies was casted as the male protagonist in the upcoming vampire movie. Besides, the casts - Robert Pattinson & Kirsten Stewart playing Edward & Bella respectively seem to look like they're having lots of chemistry here. What can be more romantic than a forbidden love between a mortal & an immortal vampire? ^^ The poster looks so hauntingly beautiful.

Honestly, I haven't read the book yet though I bought it two months ago. I knew that the book should be really good considering the fact that it has established a global cult consisting mainly teenage girls & young women alike. Furthermore, the movie was apparently touted the next big thing after Harry Potter since tales about the wizard boy is coming to an end real soon. Therefore, I'd rather be mesmerised/impressed/bored by the movie first before I'm being drawn into the mystical world of Twilight. It's just know how good books are ruined by poorly adapted films. There you are highly anticipating the movie to be equally or almost as good as the print but turned out awfully disappointing. Just like Da Vinci Code.

The movie? I was right, after all. I wasn't impressed with the movie so to speak. It was slow but the slowness does have its advantage. Most of the scenes between Bella & Edward were pretty romantic. The closeup shots of Bella & Edward staring intently at each other further heightened the love tension. And it definitely pulls every girl's heart strings. The movie has celebrated the beauty of almost-kissing shots between the star-crossed lovers. That's how the movie was beautifully done in that aspect of romance. Otherwise, the action scenes while playing baseball seems a little tacky - reminding me of those poor CGI in vampire TV sitcoms.

New Moon is due for release next year & I'm definitely looking forward to it. Despite the less impressive first movie, it had spur me to follow the saga. I'm gonna start reading the first book real soon. Anyways, which girl wouldn't wanna imagine having a love relationship with a mysterious, handsome vampire? XD