Hohoho! Merry Christmas~

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's the time of the year again whereby gifts & blessings are exchanged between friends & loved ones. For me, it's time for me to put on the Santa hat & paint the town red! Nah, just kidding XD. This year's celebration is a wee bit fun for me as I joined some of my colleagues for a casual Christmas dinner & less wild drinking session on Eve's Day. And a simple, nice date with someone dear on Christmas Day ^^.

The good thing about working is that exchanging gifts becomes a common practice regardless of whether majority of us are Christians or not. Here's where the fun part comes about - the tendency to receive weird pressies from colleagues whom you'd least expect to pick your name. Otherwise, you'll still get nice, decent gifts from those who are not so naughty imaginative in selecting the perfect present. I heard that last year one of them was incredibly creative that he bought a pack of condoms for his lady boss. How funny!

My lucky pick was one of the Marketing managers who's obviously a chain smoker. I supposed no other item that can please him more than an ash tray that complements his smoking lifestyle. And so I gave him one that has a slight hint of humour in it to add on the uniqueness. After all, just a normal ash tray is way too common. As for me, I got a pair of pretty earrings (my favourite!) from a sweet female colleague. Sankyuuuu~ Looking forward to wearing it to the office...that's if I'm not too freggin' lazy to dress up a little. XD I'd have to say, this year is one hell of a fun Christmas sans the crazy partying. I'm satisfied :)