Hola 2009!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

What a year it has been! Here we are, ushering another new year once again just like before. 2008 has been a sensational year for me - breakups, cramming for final year exam, plunging into the depths of depression & falling dangerously ill, graduating, getting a job, meeting new people & finally hooking up with a bloke that I fancy very much. How can the 22nd year of my life is of less interest to me after countless things that has happened?

I ain't got much resolution to make this year. Most importantly, I'm hoping for a healthier life (putting on weight is one of them XD) & a salary increment. Perhaps a job promotion too if all goes well. Not to forget a long-lasting relationship. Or striking a 30 million dollar lottery, if that's not too greedy XD. Here's to good fortune & a prosperous year ahead for the both of us & everyone else dear to me. Happy 2009, peeps! ^^