Celebrate New Year's Day, Viennese Style

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My 2nd time watching an orchestra performance is more meaningful in a sense that it was meant to welcome a new year. A 2 hour show to be filled with Austrian or more specifically, Viennese waltzes to mesmerise the ever supportive audience. With the two tickets I bought last year...

...my sis & I trotted off to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) witness the annual performance which has become a Viennese tradition for centuries. When we arrived, the programme books were sold out. Yes, the book is not FOC but we somehow managed to grab a photocopy of the booklet for our own reference. Honestly, we had no idea what the orchestra was playing before the intermission. The waltz & polka seem so familiar. Anyways, which classical music doesn't sound similar? *sighs*

Upon flipping through the pages, I was so esctatic to see my all-time favourite song listed in the playlist.

My heart skipped a beat; my stomach flipped as I was nervous & excited about the MPO's performance of Johann Strauss II's By The Beautiful Blue Danube unfolding before my very eyes. Watching Andrew Rieu & the Viennese Opera Symphony dazzling the audience on TV was more than enough to move me to tears. A grand finale would probably drive me to stand & applaud like a mad woman; screaming "Bravo! Bravo!" at the top of my lungs. XD

Well...? The show was fantastically superb which also featured a soprano with an amazingly good voice & a jolly, fun conductor that lightens the atmosphere. Four additional encores were granted by the conductor as a gratitude to our thunderous applause. I'd have to say...the last piece, Radetzky March really got the crowd going. What better way to cook up the atmosphere than to entice the audience to perform clap along with the orchestra. Definitely a good way to start the year.

Our tired but satisfied face show it all~