My first public event

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Being a part of a fairly large organisation has some advantages mainly cuz I get to be involved with huge projects that require the media's attention to help generate publicity. Not that I actually deal directly with them. Call me green or a noobie but I still find it fascinating to be able to witness the project team materialise their plans on such a scale. And to be given the opportunity to support the team - whether it's a small or huge favour - constitutes a great honour for me.

Anyways, lets keep the intro simple & short. Our company collaborated with several parties as part of our CSR efforts to educate the public on the importance of safety & crime prevention. With that in mind, an array of activities were conducted during the 3-day event to attract the public (mall patrons in general. The launch was held earlier this noon with VIPs making long-winded speeches while the media snapped pics away, attracting curious onlookers alike.

So we only booked the Promenade area to promote our event which I think it's good enough. Booking the Golden Oval seems too far-fetch to serve our purpose. One of the highlights worth mentioning is the Akido martial arts demonstration, showcasing bone-cracking self defensive techniques to protect us from the baddies. I can't help myself from feeling sorry for the guys who imitated as the baddies cuz they were being flipped & thrown, crashing loudly on the floorboard no thanks to the female demonstrator. From what I can see, they were suffering in pain silently -_-".

What's even more interesting is the Akido Master himself. The thought of him as a hunky one actually crossed my mind XD. Omg...I sound so pathetically horny & insane. Gosh~ He's Eurasian btw, what do you expect? He'd probably be even more gorgeous if he's less pudgy. God, I shouldn't be saying this. How sinful. *sighs*

Hunky Master on the right...*rofl*

Good news is that I've finally completed my CNY shopping. At least one headache off the list of things-to-do. And I actually shopped for 2 pairs of shoes for 2 consecutive days. Haha. More on that later. Now excuse me while I'll go nurse my poor little feet from intense numbness. *sighs*