Here comes the big day!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The day has come & gone. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that this thing about graduation seemed like a distant thought. Little did I (did we) expected I'll be graduating soon I've graduated. And sad to say, the ceremony turned out to be a little disappointing. Reason being the schedule was untimely (evening) & no thanks to an incredibly long-winded irrelevant speech presented by one of the VIPs drove the ceremony to a standstill. Having minor aches pounding against my head continuously only made matters a lot worser.

I was feeling very anxious most of the time cuz I had no one to pass my handbag for keep's sake. Graduands weren't allowed to bring any bags into the ceremony hall & unfortunately my parents decided to be fashionably late. There I was, at the sports complex fidgeting nervously while almost tearing up the small piece of paper in my hands that even the tall guy sitting next to me that I got to knew for a couple of minutes had to calm me down. As we exited the complex towards the multi-purpose hall passing by the canteen, I realised that the piece of paper I was holding earlier was missing. Ran I did back to the canteen & searched frantically, hoping to find the purple sheet. Thank God I found it at the canteen not too far away from the hall; lying on the floor crumpled but still in one piece. I swear I would've have had a heart attack if it was nowhere to be seen.

Next, I squeezed back into my position in front of Kenneth & behind that tall dude. *sighs* What a klutz! When we were about to enter the hall, I was in a panic situation cuz Mum was not at sight as promised on the phone when I told her to come collect my bag. I couldn't imagine I'm in such bad luck for the entire day. I cursed "Shit!" out loud; tossed my bag on an empty chair near the door & entered the hall unceremoniously, quicken my pace to try catch with Kenneth & that dude - while the graduation anthem was being played. I kept texting Mum to get the bag & she replied that she couldn't find it. WTF! I'll be so dead meat if it's lost cuz my IC, credit cards, cash are all in there.

When I was steps away from receiving my certificate on stage, I told myself that I have to forget about that damn bag. Now's my moment...that's all I should be looking forward to. And it all happened so fast. Walk to the chancellor, smile & thank him when he congratulates & presents the cert, turn to the front & pose for the cameras, descend the stage while flipping the tassle to the left. Officially graduated! In the end, it was all good cuz Mum managed to find my bag. Some good samaritan (apparently the guard) found it & kept it in case someone comes to claim it. Thank God once again...*phew* The only depressing thing is that my family (parents & grandparents) insisted that we leave immediately as it was getting rather late. I mean, I barely took any pics at all. And so we quickly snapped some shots, rushed over to the sports complex to meet up my buddies, do whatever we need to do & left.

It's so sad, really. It was my big day but my own family complained so much that the event was so lengthy & insisted to go home without bothering about how much I wanted to mingle with my buddies just for a little while to snap pics. I thought they were supposed to be so supportive... =(

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