Cheesey delight

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What better way to conclude a sumptuous dinner before settling down for TV time? A delightful dessert, of course XD. What kind of dessert, you ask? Cheesecake, babe ^^. My aunt brought home a 3kg cake (I think) after lunch at Imperial Hotel, KL (formerly known as Sheraton Imperial). This time, it's a heavenly Boston Cheesecake with a soft biscuit crust as the base of the cake.

I love how each bite of the cake melts in the mouth, leaving a lingering creamy-buttery taste. It's incredibly soft & smooth, unlike those less pricey cheesecakes available at your local bakery which are overtly oily & smells like cheap, bad margarine due to excessive use of margarine, eggs, name it. No wonder this dessert costs RM100+ o_O Btw, it's fattening. And the best part is - I'm not afraid of getting fat by eating all this stuff. Are you envious?? XD