Growing up

Monday, October 27, 2008

I've collected my graduation gowns several days ago while there's still one more week before D-day. The "graduation" word seemed so distant then each time I stopped to ponder about it. I was only 12 when the first thought came into my mind. Then came next year. And the following year; each year passing by so quickly that whatever happened in the past remained as faint memories now. I didn't even realise that I'm coming of age when my 21st birthday came. Never knew that I'm old enough to leave my cocoon & ready to take on the world. It never really dawn to me that I'll be wearing that mortarboard so soon.

At this very minute, I had flashbacks on the day I first reached puberty. My God. That was ages ago. I can't believe it. And I'm one decade older now. A full-grown woman. To be precise, a petite sized woman. Who dreams to embark on a successful career in the future. There I go...applying jobs offered by MNCs & large companies alike, hoping that I would be selected at least for an interview. Tough luck so far as there were very few replies. Nevertheless, I was determined to continue. This is no time for slacking. I just need to try harder, I told myself.

I wondered, if I was born as someone else...would I take on an almost similar path? Would I be able to see, feel & enjoy what life has to offer? Or would I be fortunate enough to live on until this age & beyond to tell the tale of life? Would I be this, that? It's just that I felt a sudden feeling of relief that I'm so blessed with what I have now. Though I may not be gifted with the most intelligent of minds nor will be able to leave a legacy, the fact is I feel proud being me. If only I could choose to be me again in the next life. And hopefully make-do for all the mistakes that I've made in this chapter of my life. If only all of us could...