Five star service

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been to, dined & stayed at 5 star hotels before but never once being treated like a princess felt much pampered. Or perhaps back then I was too young to understand how a 5 star service is like back then when I used to travel a lot. Not to forget, I hardly frequent those exclusive places nowadays. Anyhow, I was fortunate enough to have a taste of exclusivity when my aunt decided to pay a visit to the Lexus showroom at Mutiara Damansara.

The showroom is actually situated right behind Cycle & Carriage Bintang showroom & it's only less than 5 mins walk from Ikano Power Centre. Painted in deep brown & with many glass panels installed, the building gave an impression of a place for people of wealth & sophistication. There was a guard stood at the entrance looking prim & proper; saluting each of us upon entering the grounds. We saw 5 different luxurious car models of various specifications & price ranges were displayed at the spacious, airy showroom. The moment my aunt approached the car model that interests her, one lady in a classy black suit followed briskly towards my aunt.

Without wasting any min, she explained everything my aunt needs to know about the product; showcasing her technical know-how. Meanwhile, another lady came by with a tray filled with glasses of apple juice. The tea lady immediately went to fetch a glass of water for Grandma when my aunt complained that it was too sweet. Omg. I was thoroughly impressed. Not only the service was unrivalled by many, even the salesgirl & the tea lady were gorgeous women.

As we left, the salesgirl gave my aunt a catalogue, pamphlet & a door gift as a token of appreciation for visiting the outlet. Again, I'm amazed at Lexus' effort in paying attention to every finer details to capture the hearts of it potential customers. Just look at the catalogue...O_O

Hard-bound car catalogue that doesn't even look like a catalogue at all. More like a photobook that can be kept for novelty. And who actually distribute biscuits (green box with yellow ribbon) as gifts to potential customers anyway?? Wow. Honestly, Mercedes' service is not even on par with this fairly new Japanese luxurious car brand. What an experience I had! ^^