Is it not paper?

Friday, October 17, 2008

While slacking busy job hunting & running daily errands, I took some time off to learn handicrafts. I do enjoy making stuff though I won't deny that I'm actually good at it. I haven't been serious in this hobby for some time reason being Mum thinks that too works of art creates what we call...rubbish :/. She's right in a way cuz my room is seriously lacking space to accomodate more trash.

Anyways, I've decided to try out something new this time & flowers popped into my mind. Fyi, I do have fondness for flowers so it's kinda easy to get my attention (guys, take note!). I wanted to try making paper flowers; whether it'll be made into a bouquet & given to someone as a gift or just as a home decor. In my quest to gain this new skill, I looked up on Google for paper flower making walkthroughs. There I found a template & started working on my first crepe paper rose. After 2 failed attempts, this is what I've made...

The rose obviously didn't look right at all. I ordered a Martha Stewart crafts kit off eBay cuz I was determined to try again in order to perfect the rose shape. Alas, I made the right decision as the 3rd stalk looks exceptionally beautiful but still with minor flaws. From there I found that the problem arised from the template. The one I got online didn't allow me to get the shape desired. Martha Stewart's did. And I'm awfully happy that my masterpiece looks good & received compliments from others. Patience is a virtue, indeed.

Now I present you...the enchanted rose~

Any plans to give your beloved a bouquet of rose that doesn't wilt & lasts really long? Lemme know ;)