Chocolate indulgence

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A chocolate a day keeps a girl happy. Couldn't you agree more? I gotta tell ya that I'd tasted one of (probably) the best chocolate cake in my life. Like, seriously. This delightful cake was courtesy of my aunt who dined at Le Meridien KL recently with her fellow gal friend (aka my neighbour).

What's so great about this cake, you ask? Every bite you take on that slice of cake taste like heaven. It's incredibly rich in dark chocolate - my favourite! - that its natural bitterness works its magic on the tastebuds,. Guys probably won't understand this crazy feeling but girls...the chocolate-obsessed ones especially, I can assure you that this cake will drive you up the wall.

If you can't afford the whole cake, just grab a slice. After all, girls can't possibly finish the entire cake as it'll leave stuffed within a few hours. And bet that the weight conscious girls will regret eating them as they'll start counting the calories to be shed off for the perfect body. :/

The hotel name says it all...

Oh, heaven!