Under my skin

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ahh...it's been a long time since I last blogged about my beloved Dong Bangs. I have nothing much to blog about them for the past few months cuz they were pretty busy with their schedules in Japan & probably in the midst of preparing for the 4th Korean album release. Now that they're back with a brand new album; sporting different images & hairstyles - they're set to take the world by storm, bigger & better this time.

To celebrate their comeback, many fans made parodies off their latest single Mirotic by changing the lyrics. It's not like they did it on purpose to offend the boys but it's just another fun way to share their love for Dong Bang. Purely for good laughs. On the other hand, I don't usually look up on Dong Bang parodies so the decision to click on one of it was rather surprising. Mainly cuz the title of the video parody was Moronic. ROFL.

Unfortunately, this wonderfully done parody brainwashed & poisoned our minds in dbsg LJ comm that we have the tendency to hear the funny lyrics instead of the actual one. This is seriously bad news~ XD In case you got confused, here's a rough intepretation of the song by another member.

The boys are "more than cousins" close, they do not cheat on each other with girls, because they're so gay!

They did the jiggy-iggy on the beach when the monsoon came and rained baboons :O

The children kidnapped them and locked them in a box on the ship. The boys got hungry and made sushi on the red ocean (coz the sun set reflected on the water, yo)

Then some boy Mitchell came to join the orgy boys and they asked him the hand over the syrup (for their sushi), and tricked him (Yunho pinned him down, kudos to his mom, aha!)

No naked special pajamas and no naked Mitchell becoz 5+0=1 and 5+1=0 :O:O

Bwahahha children cannot top them, because they're so gay!

Credits to myvibrance@LJ (video parody) & jealous_sky@LJ (lyrics intepretation).