Wedded at noon

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a once in a blue moon thing to be able to attend a wedding in the afternoon. It still seems odd to me to have a wedding reception at such a bright hour; not unless if it's a garden wedding. Last Saturday, one of my relatives had his big day at a ballroom of Palace of The Golden Horses. Technically speaking, he's my Dad's cousin bro from the paternal side. This officially makes him my uncle. Btw, having a wedding in a ballroom sounds really nice despite the fact that banquet food sucks. The venue makes the event more grand & pompuous in which allows you dress up as glamourous as you can. Sadly, people here don't really conform to the formalities of a ballroom attire although the invitation card had clearly stated otherwise. Fortunately, my family are one of the few who did dress up prim & proper. And I'd have to say that we were among the best dressed by far. *smiles proudly* XD

Honestly, I had no intention to get a new dress as I was on a strict money saving regime. I made sure that I don't spend on unnecessary things before I lay my hands on a job. Now that I have one, I still have to be savvy on my spending cuz I'm on my own now for most things. Besides, I already have a few dresses to suit the occasion. People say that you don't wear the same dress twice but I don't give a damn. I suppose it was purely coincidental that I found the perfect one a day prior to the wedding when I accompanied my aunt to collect her altered cheongsam. Never in my life I've managed to find one that fits my petite (or rather thin) body so well. And whats even weirder is that I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it. Is that supposed to be pure coincidence or fate? I was quite reluctant to purchase it cuz it was really way of my budget for a dress. No doubt it's absolutely beautiful but the staggering price is enough to burn a hole in my pocket soon enough once my half month salary is in. Ah well...T.T I bought it anyways.

There's nothing of significance throughout the wedding. As expected, many guests dressed inappropriately but seriously none of my concern. No typical loud & rowdy yam sengs among the tables (Thank God!). Just a simple yam seng toast by the groom & bride (plus immediate families) as to pay respect to our traditional customs. And then a toast by the couple at each table before the photographer takes the shot. Now if only the dearly beloved couple would take the stage & give some speech. That way the wedding is perfect, just like what I wish how mine would be in the future XD.

Food is okay, nothing great. Like I've said earlier, ballroom dining is never ever good. Pics are up on Facebook so feel free to click here for your viewing pleasure. Boy, I look stunning XD.