Wednesday, October 25, 2006

*stretches* Hmm...I guess some of you weren't aware that I was away from for a day. Haha, yeah. A day~ Basically, I just came back from Ipoh this morning after celebrating my maternal grandma's birthday last night. Dinner at the club house Chinese restaurant was okay...I wouldn't say it was that good either. The 3-styled fish was the worst dish I ever ate in my life. *shrugs* I shall not elaborate on that. Thank goodness we had a sumptuous Tiramisu cake for granny's birthday. Before everyone started chomping down the cake, I jumped at the opportunity to take a snapshot of it XD.

*scratches head* said "Greatest Mum, happy birthday!" Right?

A pic of granny with her cake ^^

There was a massive camwhoring session going on after the meal. Of course, the pics are not here cuz they're in my cuzzie's camera phone. Each of us took turns to pose with granny, giving her a smooch on the cheek. On the other hand, me & sis did a rather unusual pose. I managed to pester my sis to do the "saranghae" pose. Felt kinda embarrassed & ecstatic at the same time. Nevertheless, it was fun XD.

The minute we arrived home, me & sis started doodling with our camera phones. I took pic of her hair & she took shots of my eyelashes. Yup, that's right! My lashes are naturally long but the mascara gave them extra length.'s rather difficult to see the length in the pics. Just to show you that me & sis can be nuts at times. Hehe.

Oh boy, I look so ugly in close-up shots -_-"

That's all about my Ipoh trip. Btw, do y'all know what is "ah pom"? It's some sort of Chinese delicacy. I'm not sure how to call it but it's a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar & errr...well, whatever is needed to make it. It's one of my obsession since I was a kid but it's hard to get good ones in PJ. What's more, it's uber expensive~ Imagine paying for a small piece of dough for 50 cents. But I found a guy in Ipoh who sells them for only 25 cents a piece. Omg, I'm so gonna stalk him again in the next trip. *paws the hawker guy* XD Yo~ "Ah pom" seller, here I come! Yarrr!!!

Here's a pic of the "ah pom" before I finished all of them ^^;

Mind you, I ate almost 70% of the 20 pieces my mum bought XD