Monday, October 09, 2006

Boo-hoo! Rainy days didn't help to clear the hazy skies. Although the rain on Friday night was effective but the sky was hazy again on Sunday. It got worse this morning & the neighbourhood was barely visible. How I wish I could show y'all how bad the sky condition has become. But my lousy camera phone was not able to capture the blurry view cuz the image quality is already that poor. Perhaps the old photo I took last year would give an idea how the sky is now.

This is how Malaysian skies look like during evenings

The weather is much cooler now compare to weekends. Hopefully the condition will get better in days to come. Meanwhile, I'll be on a hiatus again cuz of assignments. I have yet to start typing MKT233 assignment & it's due on Thursday. I'm so dead...any good ideas on how to commit suicide besides jumping off the building or slicing myself?? XD