Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm back, people! Did ya miss me? XD. Anyways, I'm so relieved this short semester has finally come to an end. Technically, my semester ends today but I didn't bother attending the last class. Who wants to go for a 2 hour class which only starts at 3pm?? See what I mean? Since I'm so free, I'm back to being a chauffeur again XD.

Btw, the haze condition is not getting any better. It seems to get worse day by day. Even the heavy downpour is not helping either. *sighs* Curse the neighbour country for causing this. Grrr! Unless that country puts out the blaze in their forest, there's no other way to clear the hazy skies. And dammit, I caught a flu as well -_-". Oh yeah...earlier today I was experiencing a terrible tummy ache. It hurt so badly that I could barely bent down or move around. Then, I thought there was seriously something wrong with me. But lucky thing those black chinese med pills saved my day. In the end, it was only wind in the stomach that caused so much pain. All I can say is that chinese pills work best for queasy feeling stomachs. Trust me~

What I'm about to say here is old news but I just wanna share with y'all. I had a shock of my life when news reported that Yunho got poisoned after drinking from a bottle with superglue on the mouth area. Apparently, some anti-fan of TVXQ managed to sneak into the backstage during Heroine 6's filming & passed the bottle to the manager as a fan gift to Yunho. Poor fella who didn't expect anything just drank from it...*poof* he ended up at the hospital. Geez, can't imagine Korean anti-fans can be so violent & rebellious. What's more, the culprit is a 20 year old college gal. Talk about immaturity, eh? I seriously think she deserves some form of punishment though she admitted to the police. Why? For inflicting such harm to another person. She could've killed him, that's for sure. Glad that he's fine now. He even went for a radio program yesterday. Here's the proof...

TVXQ singing "You Only Love" at radio station

I was watching Vacation NG clips yesterday. Guess what, I almost died of laughter cuz it was so full of crackiness. Decided to make 3 screencaps of Jaejoong to show how gay pretty he can be XD. See it for yourself~

Look at this pretty dude~ *dies*

Ok, erm...that shirt & gold chain is making him so gay -_-" (the hair as well...)

Awww...his cute smile is enough to make my day. Who cares if he looks gay, rite? XD

Now, the NGs are turning me uber excited about the DVD release. There're scenes with Yoochun topless in it *drools*. Kyaaaaa!! Can't wait~