Thursday, September 06, 2007

My aunt just came back from Singapore 2 days ago & decided to drop by my house this morning. Guess what she brought along in her handbag? A brand new Panasonic Lumix FX30!! OMG! It's the digicam that I've been eyeing for quite some time but never had the moolah to buy it. I want, I want, I WANT!!! T.T *runs to the corner & cry*

Apparently, she bought it in Singapore for about RM1000+ with lots of freebies. The most attractive freebie in the package is 2 units of 2GB SD card. Where on earth can you get such offers? She chose a metallic pink body & it looks pretty darn good. Nah, it's not the bright pink you're expecting but a rather soft metallic pink to match the camera's slim design. If I'm getting one, I guess I'll go for the navy blue or black ^^. Gosh, I really need to start working. There're so many things that I wanna buy...

Speaking of digicams, my very first assignment for MKT324 Consumer Behaviour subject is related to digital camera industry. What a coincidence! *sighs* This whole idea of digicams makes me feel heartbroken about my stolen camera. If only I wasn't so careless...*sobs* Who cares if that Olympus has only 3.2mp & produces over-saturated colours? It does take nice & decent outdoor pics during daytime. *cries again* This is awful :(