Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm back ^^. As you can see, I haven't been blogging lately cuz I was pretty busy. Erm, I wouldn't say that I'm THAT occupied till there's no time for Internet at all. To be honest, I was plain lazy. And the fact that the workable yet still wonky Internet connection drives me away. All I did throughout the week was watching TV & helping out with some spring-cleaning.

So far, classes were okay. Only 2 classes are at the extreme level of my boredom level spectrum, Marketing & Statistics. Our dear Marketing lecturer enjoys sharing her "interesting" stories on her life at her previous workplace in China, in which to a certain extent annoys me to bits. Seventy percent of her lecture is dedicated to her stories while the remains are purely Marketing. See what I mean? I wouldn't mind if those tales are Marketing related as I would gladly sit through the 2 hours watching her rattling away. Sad to say, she sways way beyond our topic path & makes me wonder whether this is good news.

The master of Statistics however, never fails to put me to sleep. He's got a superb skill in casting sleeping spell, eh? A master, indeed XD. I managed to stay awake, though...for the sake of understanding the complicated decision tree topic he's currently teaching. And I understand pretty well. Not too bad, eh? ^^

Anyways, Rain will be staging a concert on Jan 27 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Since the tickets are insanely expensive (not comparable to Il Divo, though), I've decided to try my luck in the SMS contest again XD. You can say that I've been text-ing like mad with my ever-flowing amount of credit balances. I didn't care much about wasting my money on the contest cuz I can't seem to fully utilise my monthly credit. And it's starting to accumulate up to RM100 if I hadn't join the contest. If I don't win, it's okay cuz it's not the Dong Bang anyways...

Speaking of them, their 10th Japanese single Choosey Lover will be released on Mar 7. Gosh~ Their 9th single, Step by Step is not even out yet & the pre-orders for the new one are already available. Omg! And the 2nd album will be out on Mar 14. Woo-hoo! Definitely buying it for my birthday XD. Yeah, call me lame for buying my own birthday present. I might pester my sis to get it. If she's willing, that will be great as I already have plans for her surprise birthday gift. Ya know what? The Dong Bangs are planning for another Asian Tour & KL is the last stop!!! *spazzzzz* Which means I'm gonna pay for her concert ticket & bring her along~ ^^ Hopefully this would motivate her to study harder & do well in SPM. Of course I'm not telling, shhhh!!

Perhaps this little treat will drive you all speechless & keep all your mind away before you can start rambling about the gift...

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