Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kyaaa!! After spending endless hours on the Internet, I only managed to find 3 articles of the same industry & country for HRM341 assignment -_-". *sobs* Can somebody help me?? This assignment is due on Jan 23. Gosh...I'm starting to worry if I can finish in time. *scratches head* I hate this assignment~ Grrr!!

Anyways, I resort to watching ꢁ (Goong) to ease my tired mind. Talking about being fangirly, the charming/cute guy is the reason behind my addiction to this drama. He's none other than Kim Jung Hoon who's got the killer looks & sweetest smile that will make girls melt XD. He's turning 27 this year, which is quite unbelievable for his boyish features. See for yourselves...

Kim Jung Hoon

I thought he looked like SE7EN & shared almost the same looks with Donghae from Super Junior. So far, he already released a Japanese mini album which is pretty good. Imho, he is by far one of the best Korean artistes who sings with good Japanese pronunciation considering his inability to speak Japanese at the time of debut. I think he should be able to make conversations by now. Why am I so ga-ga over him? Well, his dorky smile is priceless! He's a pro in showing his sheepish smile. He's such a natural~ I guess he's born with it. *swoons*

The best part is he's got a really sweet voice. Good looks + beautiful voice = Perfect! XD

I bet many Malaysians (especially girls) will be swooning over him when the drama is aired on 8TV. Heard that it'll start sometime this month. If the drama is subbed, it would be such a waste...meanwhile, I'll continue downloading the HD version with subs from mirror sites since Bittorrent ain't working at all. I wonder whether TM has decided to ban torrent downloads instead of bandwidth capping. Or it's just a temporary ban to free more bandwidths while waiting for undersea cables to be restored in Taiwan. Hmm...

Pretty boy~ ^^