Monday, January 22, 2007

Hoorah for fast Internet comeback! Erm, relatively fast speed I would say. This is good news for Net addicts like me XD. So far the connection has been pretty good for today. I think the undersea cables are almost fully restored. But still, Bittorent ain't working yet. Grrr~ I'm dying to finish my drama downloads. Hmm lets see...I didn't do much during this weekend. I was supposed to be finishing at least 50% of the HRM assignment but oh well...-_-"

Can somebody stop me from drooling over this phone?? I NEED WANT this phone... *drools*

The scented Sony Ericsson SO703i cellphone

Yeah, the screen is a little too large for my liking but the phone is uber sexy XD. Clamshells are too awesome *spazzz*. Only available in Japan, as usual. Even if someone imports one to Malaysia, it won't work cuz it uses FOMA; not GSM. It's depressing that the phone is made by Sony Ericsson & yet it looks so much better than the SE's GSM phones. The product designers in Japan are really different compared to the ones who brought us Walkman or Cybershot phones. It is time the Walkman or Cybershot designers should emulate their Japanese counterparts.

I'm so envious of my friend in Osaka right now. All the sleek Japanese phones are only a short distance from her hands (that is, if she buys them). Okay, so this phone might cost her a bomb but she could easily get one with a similarly sleek design & cool function at a much cheaper price. Apparently, she has changed to SoftBank. I wonder how their designs look like. Hmm...