Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today is scorching hot! The extremely hot weather is making me really sleepy now. But I still insist on typing this post anyway...-_-". *clears throat* Was busy updating my site as usual. Also spent most of my time scanning all the w-inds. cd booklets. Just realised the scanning process is pretty time consuming. Clever me for not scanning those images at high resolution or else, I would've taken longer time to complete all the scans. I've completed the scans but haven't label them with my nickname yet. The labels is just to show that the images are my possession. So if anyone tries to leech & claim as theirs, I'll know. If any fella still insist to leech them & alter the images, oh well...I don't wanna bother taking actions. Besides, I'm just doing all these as a hobby & to make my time more beneficial. Rather than just sleep, hours of TV surfing & loitering around the house.

Another rumour is circulating again about the upcoming 19th single by w-inds. Apparently, this new single will be featured in this new movie, GOAL! Ok, I don't understand what they meant by "new" movie because GOAL was shown in my country last year. I'm not sure whether it was one of the summer blockbusters (I bet not...) but I'm SURE that this movie is not new. Perhaps Japan deliberately delay the movie release to coincide with this year's World Cup. Smart move! But erm...I hope it's not another single like Yume no basho he. Seriously, that song was one of the weakest singles ever released by w-inds. Besides, what's this western movie got to do with w-inds.? They're Japanese...and I know these dudes love football but I still find this news/rumour rather bizarre. *yawns* I'm off for a quick nap now. Till then, jya~