Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hooray! I've finally ordered SOA Tour & Works Vol. 3 dvd from YesAsia. Gonna go to the bank tomorrow to get a bank draft & off I send it to Hong Kong. Hehe ^^. Haven't ordered the Works Vol. 1 from CD Japan yet. The price for DVDs (Japan imports) in CD Japan seems to be cheaper than YesAsia. Hmm, from now on...I'll most likely order dvds online since it's so damn hard to get here. And it's taking forever to reach the music stores *shakes head*.

I've always wanted to watch Densha Otoko but I couldn't find the video file on the net. Should try sourcing some pirated dvd for it. Lol :P I've been slacking off lately rather than translating my lyrics. I'm so supposed to keep my website updated constantly but I'm feeling soo lazy. At this moment, I'm busy updating all the pictures I've scanned & edited. It's so tedious but anyhow, I'll continue doing it. That's all for this time. Jya~