Sunday, April 30, 2006

Woo-hoo!!! I've finally got a copy of THANKS album. Soooo happy ne~ The cover is too good. Though it's B&W, the pics inside are indeed artistic. Absolutely love it. Just ordered Works Vol. 1 dvd from CDJapan few days ago. Chose to pay by money order but the stupid post office in my country didn't allow me to pay by Japanese yen. Was forced to pay in USD at a higher exchange rate. How stupid! And the worst part is their systems couldn't issue the exact amount that I requested. In the end, I paid USD37.00 instead of USD36.59. *sighs* Another few bucks gone...

Anyway, YesAsia still hasn't give me any reply about the cheque. Looks like it'll be cleared on May 3rd. I hope nothing goes wrong. In fact, I'm more worried about the money order. What if it never reaches? -_-". Started working again at my college. The pay is pretty low but oh well *shrugs*...I need more cash whether it's for savings or more of w-inds. stuff. Will be starting uni next Tues. Pretty excited & lazy about next week. I took a peek at the attendance list for all the classes that I enrolled, there'll be 2 foreign students. Oh well, *yawns* I'll have to wait & see. IT for Business will be the first class I attend for this semester. *confused* Err...maybe not.

My printer decided to break down when my uni is about to start. Could you imagine that? Its mechanism failed to function after my cuzzie bro printed his assignment. Another repair work & that means, more money spend. Yikes! And I haven't even networked my pc wif cuzzie bro's. Supposed to get it done soon...hopefully in 2 weeks if I get a affordable rate for the network cables. Cuzzie bro keeps calling my dear Keita a gay. Lol, I wasn't annoyed at all but found it rather hilarious. Yeah, Keita is getting a little too beautiful at times. Better looking than Mio (sorry Kei-kun for offending your sis). The cover for w-inds. new single is finally out. *Drum roll* Ta-daa!

The guys are fond of blazers & coats nowadays. I have to agree that their jackets are really cool. But there's no use for me to buy jackets like theirs. Weather here is too hot for them. Not sure which cover is the limited edition but I'm eager to listen to the single & watch the pv. The couplings look interesting too... ^^ Ok, I'm off to bed. *jumps onto the bed*

[Credits to Saturn/w-inds. love thai bbs]