Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today is Thursday! One more day & it's weekend~ Tee hee... ^^ Yup, this week is the start of university. Met new friends & they're great. There's a cute French guy in my class though he's not taking Marketing. Too bad he's short. Lol. Just had Economics today. The lecturer was great. Very interesting lady. She made Economics sounded so easy. Out of all the lecturers, I disliked my IT for Business lecturer. Such a boring guy -_-" My mind kept on wandering elsewhere during his class.

Guess what? My cheque has finally been cleared. I'll be expecting my package to arrive next week, hopefully. And I didn't have to pay any shipment fee because they're having a promotion. Lucky, right? Hehe. Can't wait!! Now I'm hoping for money order to reach CDJapan soon. 2 weeks is long ne~ -_-" Ok I'm off to continue with my w-inds. project ^^ Jya!