Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How can I be so dumb?? To actually estimate the English report is approx. 1000 or more words in length when in fact, the report only has 540 words (after checking the word count). And I was so silly to boast out loud that there were 3000 words...-_-" *gets slapped in the face* My poor friend/partner fell sick at the wrong time. As usual, she missed classes today & poor me cuz I had to work on the assignment on my own again. Not that I did much since I had no breaks dear partner was supposed to do write about the future plans. Meanwhile, I had to add on more stuff to the report but I was so drained out after returning from uni. Just too lazy to crack my brain again XD

I finally got my paycheck! *grins* I waited for a month again just for the miserable RM105. Yes, more money for the photobook. For those of you still puzzled about the item I kept on mentioning in recent posts, take a look at this. The image is not the official cover so umm, I really have no idea how the photoshoots will be. Do glance at the price's pretty hefty, isn't it? Btw, back to the paycheck. My Chinese guy friend complained that he didn't get his pay after working for 2 weeks last year. It's a pity he didn't know student helpers were supposed to fill up the claim form on the last day of work. He must've submitted quite late & our "beloved" college probably lost his working records.

Went to grandpa's birthday dinner at a restaurant earlier in the evening. Just a simple meal & a bottle of red wine from Australia to celebrate the ocassion. We were served with weird tasting "kok poh" tea & ended up requesting for "heong pin" tea instead. I only had few sips of wine cuz I didn't wanna feel drowsy. Even now, I'm already feeling drowsy. It's already getting late. I shall stop here. English test is scheduled at 2pm tomorrow -_-".