Friday, June 02, 2006

Who in their right mind would go clubbing when assignments are almost as high as a mountain?? Apparently, the French dude invited our gang to one of the clubs tonight. Everyone declined his offer. Just like I said I need to repeat myself? *drops dead at the pile of mountain-high assignments*

My Thai friend was telling me about the pics of "ah kuas" he received through an e-mail. And how one of the "ladyboys" (ok, he even defined them!) resembled me...*shocked* Curious, I was. Got to see those lovely pics *rofl* today & oh boy, *gasps* those "ladies" are extremely gorgeous. As in drop-dead gorgeous~ *envious* I seriously disagreed with him that one of them bore a resemblance of me. She is sooo much more beautiful compared to me. It's eerie when you know she's actually a male -_-". Since he already mentioned that gorgeous lady looks like me, I'll take that as a compliment XD.

I showed the English report to my partner & she was pretty satisfied. Just some minor adjustments to be made. I guess I'll be able to finish everything by this weekend while she work on the presentation slides. More time for the next assignment. ^^ Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the photobook *knocks head on the desk*. Still contemplating to buy it or not. Ok, there's the YesAsia credit I can use & I get to enjoy free shipping. So...what am I waiting for? *sighs* I'm so confused right now...

Ahhhh, there's PopJam next week!! Hey y'all w-inds. fans, remember to watch it. It'll be on NHK World Premium channel next Sat at JST 16:10-17:38. *squeals* Yay, finally get to at least watch w-inds. live on TV & not downloading them. I'll still download this PopJam episode neway...*grins*