Saturday, June 10, 2006

Apparently, my uncle's immediate boss just crashed his Benz a couple of days ago. The wreck was horrible, from what I know. And my family was somewhat having a forum about why he shouldn't have drove incredibly fast. This accident brought me back to memory lane. Two years ago, I almost died in a car accident. I guessed luck was upon me. Or perhaps God was protecting me, cousin bro & his friend at that very moment. My cousin bro was the one driving & we were at this junction. He made a slight mistake with the clutch balancing & somehow, our car came out from the junction too late...the bus speeding behind us almost hit our car. Yup, that was what happened back then. Boy, it was scary.

My presentation is scheduled to be on next Wednesday. My partner & I will be the 2nd last group presenting on that day. Both of us was hoping to get the earlier slots cuz we were so eager to get over with it. Oh well, at least there's still more time to prepare. About the assignment, it was supposed to be 100% complete. I just realised that I had no idea about the cover format. And the content page is still not done yet. I think I should get it done by tomorrow. My Marketing is 50% complete, I think. Anyways, the assignment is not that lengthy compared to IT. Aiming to get it done by tonight & get on with IT.

I was pretty glad that I chose the 3rd topic to work on for IT. Gave me lots of freedom & the best part was doing a research on a selected country. You all should know very well that I chose Japan. I just dunno why...but I just love everything about Japan. You can say I'm dying to go there one day. C'mon, who wouldn't want to??? Oh yeah, PopJam was on today. I didn't like the way they present the show. Preferred the old PopJam. It was like the show was getting a little too draggy. And why some artistes perform in empty studios with no crowds?? Haha, of course I saw w-inds. for the...erm, I lost count how many times already. Cuz I had the downloaded version with me XD. Rain's performance was quite enjoyable except that I loathed the way he was making girls squealling at him -_-". Ok, that's all about me for today. Need to get some work done. Assignments are a pain in the #@&%!!!