Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Curse Blogger for failing on me yesterday. Was trying so hard to upload changes to the blog but the stupid page just couldn't load. I guess my Internet connection was slowing down as well. Glad that it's back to normal now. Though the connection is still kinda slow. And guess what? I'd finally made up my mind. I ordered the Guam photobook!! *squeals* My aunt was soo sweet for allowing me to use her credit card. ^^ So, now I have to sit & wait patiently until August. Meanwhile, I have to be a good girl & start working on my assignments. Also perhaps to find some time to revise the lecture notes for IT & Marketing.

What's up with the guys in my gang, neway? All of them went for a hair cut simultaneously. It's only the girls left. And I seriously need some trimmings, or that's what my Mum thinks so. I have to admit that the guys looked pretty good in short hair. Lol...seriously. Anyways, drop the hair issue aside. English report is 99.9% complete. Only the cover page, content page & loads of journals, reading materials to be printed out. I still have 2 more assignments to go. I started some drafts for Marketing but had no idea how to present it cuz our "beloved" lecturer didn't provide further details. And IT's project requires more attention. Deadline is next Friday, imagine that!

I'm currently downloading the latest episode of PopJam. Was thinking of downloading the mpg version of it from jpopsuki but torrent wouldn't start till the next 9 hrs. That would be 12am tomorrow. Just because I don't contribute anything in the forums. I guess that's the price I have to pay. Ahh, I'll just indulge myself through youtube. Besides, I get to watch it this Saturday. Now off I go...damn all assignments!