Monday, June 12, 2006

You wouldn't have imagine how excited I was after completing the Marketing assignment last night. I was pacing back & forth, practically doing nothing. And I continued with my w-inds. fangirling & even found some time to update my webpage. I was just too lazy to start my next assignment which is due on Fri. I found out that Japanese keitais uses QR codes instead of INTACTA codes to store music & video content online. No wonder INTACTA codes are so different from the codes I found in my stack of Japanese music magazines. I'm such a dumb, dumb!

My friend & her partner was supposed to do their presentation today and they seemed to be facing a series of unfortunate events. Her partner's thumb drive with all the necessary files in it wasn't working properly because it fell on the floor. She had to rushed home to get them because she transferred the wrong files to her mp3 player. How unlucky ne~ I was surprised that all of us weren't allowed to watch the presentation. So, me & the others who weren't presenting today just had to mark attendance & leave. Sighs...I wanted to show some moral support to my friends. Too bad!

Lets hope my presentation will turn out well on Wed. Keep your fingers crossed, people! Pray for me too... ^^. Alrite, time for IT assignment now. Till then, jya ne~