Saturday, June 17, 2006

@#&%!! A malware has found an open door to my computer. Dang! I was trying all sorts of methods to remove it. The outcome? I failed...T.T *curses the sticky, parasite malware* Having Ad-aware & SpyHunter installed proved to be useless. Because of this, I was having another sleep hangover. *yawns* No wonder this stupid message keeps appearing in my C drive:-


Sedikit Jawaban u/ Membungkam Mulut Sesumbar 'MEREKA'.
Nobron = Satria Dungu = Nothing !!!

[ By JowoBot ]

It's so obvious this crap is written by an Indonesian. I'm not trying to be racist but if only you could see how that malware messed up my command prompt window & starts displaying political protests. *sobs* Why must my poor comp be the victim?! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...hoping that this nasty little crap doesn't steal my personal information cuz I do order stuffs online. Hmm, makes me wonder whether Transport Tycoon can still run properly. Lemme check it now....-intermission- Hallelujah! It's working perfectly fine~ *eyes filled with tears of joy*

Today is my college's 20th anniversary celebration. Nope, I was too lazy to get my ass to college. Some of my friends were there to join the fun. Just curious whether the attempt to break the world record of fitting more than 17 people in a Mini Cooper was a success. Since some of my lucky friends were chosen to break the record o_O. I'll have to find out tomorrow. Btw, tomorrow is the trip to MPO!! *flails* Can't wait, can't wait... XD

Alrite, this time I'm gonna give you all a chance to guess. Try to identify which one of these ladies is my mum. Hehe. This is gonna be fun *laughs cynically*. Here are the pics of me taken with my family members. Pick your choice & let me know in the cbox. ^^

Picture A
L-R: my sis, me & exhibit A

Picture B
L-R: exhibit B & me

Picture C
L-R: exhibit C & me

P.S: Click thumbnails for larger view just in case you can't see properly XD