Friday, June 16, 2006

KYAAAA!!! Gruesome week is finally over~ :D Some free time for blogging ^^. Three assignments were handed in today. I'm gonna take a rest. Hehe. I slept at 04:13 for the first time in my life just to complete IT assignment. Basically, I only had 2 hrs of sleep & off I go prepare for classes at 8am. I'm still suffering from a hangover till now though I've already took several hrs of nap. Screw IT assignment for making me suffer!! Btw, the 1st set of assignments were enough to kill me. The 2nd set is coming up...-_-". Thank god Economics has only ONE! Lots of love to you, Ms. Choong. XD

Oh boy, I can't wait for this Sunday. Guess what, I'm going to MPO to watch a matinee show. ^^ It's a trip organised by Music Club & the gang is going. Bet it's gonna be awesome. Dress code will be formal...ok, I would prefer to say smart casual. No jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, know it. Thinking of what to wear on Sunday will be a problem for me. *sighs*

My ex-collegemate just came back from Okinawa 2 weeks ago. There she was blabbering about how hot Japanese guys are. See? I knew it all along. Japanese guys are always hot XD. And yeah...just downloaded new episode of Windy Street yesterday. I watched it earlier & it was pretty interesting. And w-inds. mentioned about the photobook! *drools* It's gonna be out in a month *squeals*. The more I look at the Walkman players, the more I get obsessed. This player is extremely tempting...look at the curves. Why do all these players have to be soo expensive? T.T Gah~ I'll just get the Sony NW-E003F. No doubts about that. Here's the comic strip & the Japanese print ad promoting the new Walkman. Enjoy!

*starry-eyed* These are lovely, aren't they?

More Walkman love~ XD

[Images courtesy of SonyStyle Malaysia & Walkman JP site]